Sunday, March 14, 2010

CSPC Babywearing Warning and a Story

I was scared and relieved when I read the CPSC warning about the danger of infant suffocation while using "bag style" carriers.

After my second son was born, I was given a "bag sling" carrier (by JJ Cole Premaxx, pictured above) as a gift. I did not realize that this was not a true sling, but rather what is known as the "bag sling." I did know however, that I did not like it at all. My son's head seemed pressed down into his chest and it was sitting uncomfortably low on my body. Neither safe nor comfortable. I put it away into that useless drawer under the crib.

Shortly thereafter, I received 5 breast pumps to give away as a donation to the hospital from which I am on maternity leave (a story for another time).

When the lactation consultant from the hospital came to pick them up from my apartment, I considered giving her the bag sling as well. But I thought better of it, and decided that if I could not get the baby into a safe position that I could not in good conscious donate them to someone else. It sat unloved in that crib drawer.

And hence, the huge sigh of relief when I read the warning, very grateful that I held onto it.

The past few days I have been approached by well-meaning parents and grandparents (even the guard at my synogogue) while wearing my son. All informing me of the warning. I try to explain the differences in types of carriers and safe positions for the baby. To their credit, sometimes they cannot actually see the type of carrier I am using because I have my Peekaru babywearing vest over it.

So click on over to these websites to learn all about slings, carriers, and safety. And please don't be scared of ring-style slings. Although I don't own one (I still am getting over the fact that I own a Babyhawk, a Kozy Carrier, and a Scootababy), the babies look so sweet being carried in them. and now that I own a good quality hip carrier with one shoulder strap (Scootababy), I can see how a good quality ring sling can be comfortable and supportive.

First of all, please read these six steps
to babywearing safety from UndercoverMother:
Baby should be close enough to kiss.
Baby should never have his chin resting on his chest.
Baby's head should be above the rest of her body.
Baby's knees should be higher than his butt.
Baby's face shouldn't be covered by fabric.
Baby's head should be supported.


  1. Oh those blogs about those baby slings are true. Poor babies. I'd rather not go out and let my baby sleep in the bed than squeeze her in baby sling. We should be careful when buying baby stuff.

  2. Yes, very, very sad. But it's great that the bag slings in question have been recalled.

    Soft-structured carriers, wraps and mei tai's are best in order that baby is kept in the orothopedically correct 'M' or 'frog' position.

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