Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010: Green Your Shabbat Candle

Off-topic for Earth Day
Today I have a guest post at Green Prophet.  It is about making your own beeswax Sabbath candles (or any religious or recreational-use candle).  We have been making our own candles for over a year now and besides being greener and healthier, it was also a meaningful way for our older son to welcome his new brother into our family (See picture below).  Curious? Check out the article here :)

If you came to this site looking for information on where I buy the beeswax sheets, check out these CandleWic links (the wicks however were purchased a while back from but there beeswax sheets more expensive):

For full disclosure, please note that I am participating in the affiliate program at these websites.  I have ordered from both of these sites.   

Beeswax Sheets from GeneralWax


Candlewic Natural Waxes

My older son making his baby brother's first Sabbath candle:

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