Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Guest Blogging this Week on Dr. Greene

Hi everyone!  I am guest blogging this week at Dr. Greene, all about baby food (or rather, non-baby-food), iron supplements (or rather, not supplementing), and footrests.  Check out these posts and this video:

Skip the baby food: How we got there to here and back again
Preventing Iron Deficiency with Whole Foods
Baby Food List without Baby Food
Video of Introducing Solids
On Footrests and Eating


  1. I saw the video and in my opinion, I agree with your suggestion on when to start feeding your babies with solid foods and the manner on how to start them. thanks for sharing and Good job on your guest blogging debut.

  2. Ummm HI!! I think I'm your new BFF haha I LOOOVE your blog I can't wait to read more!! I am ALSO an RD and an aspiring LC!! I LOVE BFing and am also interested in the BLW/solid food issues (NOT what we were taught in school obviously so it's been a hard pill for me to swallow.) Where are you based out of?