Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kale Chips and School Food

One day in March, I was bringing my older son home from school.  We were sitting next to each other in his favorite seat on a NYC bus.  What happened next is an embarrassing truth, but yet one that I am proud of.  I asked him if his school was doing anything for National Nutrition Month.  He said he didn't think so and can I come to his classroom and teach them how to make kale chips?  With an invitation like that, how could I refuse?  The teachers were excited too.  Here are some picture from our adventure.  It is so easy, you certainly do not have to be a nutritionist to make kale chips with your child's class.  Take a look:

(Below the pictures, I also linked to some articles I find helpful with larger school food issues, i.e. the lunchroom)

Each nursery child received one stalk of Kale

Their job was to remove the leaves from the stalk

After we seasoned it with salt and garlic powder, we baked it for about 15-17 min, stirring once in between.
Turns out it was "Yoga" day, so they did yoga while waiting for their Kale chips :)
Here the students are giving them a few minutes to cool off.

Then we let them gobble it up

And gobble they did!

I almost missed snapping a picture, they went so fast!

And no, that is not my son's hand:)

If you are interested in getting involved in your child's school food matters, you have two options:
1. Teach the children and teachers by coming in and reading healthy kids books, or cook with the children.  
2. Trying to change the food they serve in the lunchroom.
Doing #1 will complement #2.

Here are some school food links to get you started:

And the post that inspired me to cook in my son's classroom:

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