Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What I'm Reading Today

I have a horrible habit of opening lots of tabs on my computer (ask my husband who complains about the reduced speed of our computer).  I receive daily nutrition emails compiling the day's interesting news.  Each day, I read the e-mails and right-click to open tabs for the articles I am interesting in reading.  I usually click on articles related to: women, fertility, pregnancy, children, and cancer. This inevitably leads to some pdf's too, maybe a video.  By the time I am done, I have so many tabs open that I barely have time to read them. Some of the articles are real research, some are consumer articles.  In addition, I right click for loads of recipes.  I always plan to write posts to compile interesting research but my work life rarely has the time for the luxury.

So without further ado, I thought it would be fun to share what's open on my computer this morning:

Research (note: readers may not have access to full-text):
Lifestyle factors & Breast Cancer (Weight loss and physical activity)
Obesity, Asthma, Allergies (The Inflammatory Connection & what can be done, omega 3's?)
Food Marketing to Youth (Especially interesting when read with this and this article from the NYT; makes me want to never look at a food advertisement ever again- sorry to all my marketing friends!)
Different types of abdominal fat (my students always find this type of research very interesting)

Consumer articles:
The Challenge of Going Vegan (Thinking a lot about eating animals lately...)
Foods Good for your Teeth (Good for kids)
Can Diet Help ADHD? (more on omega 3's)
Does Plastics Leach into Food? (also see endocrine disruptors at the EPA site and early puberty article in the NYT)
Superfoods to ward off disease (and a yummy looking recipe)
Mom find stillborn baby alive 12 hours later (and 2 years ago there was this amazing story)

Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (the program we implemented in the South Bronx)
Diet and Detox (from a well respected RD)

Separate link coming soon!

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