Monday, February 18, 2013

Healthy Food that Comes in a Package!

My friend Alexandra from NYC gave an awesome kids class last year for Purim (a Jewish holiday that among other things, entails giving fun food presents to friends called Mishloach Manot). I cannot share her secret recipe for Hamantashen (triangle-shaped cookies) but if you are lucky to taste one they will not disappoint! And they even have omega-3's from chia seeds!

Ale once told me in a very animated fashion, that while she prepares healthy snacks for her kids, her daughter loves snacks that "pop" open from a all the other kids.

So I have put together some foods that go "POP." Perfect for your Mishloach Manot Purim treats and year round.

Click on the picture for Amazon link, two-day shipping will get to you in time for Purim :)

(Please note that all of these products are kosher as of this posting but please check for yourself to be sure)

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  1. Can't say I've ever tried this snack but I'm a lover of all things chia and would love to give it a go! Thanks for sharing :)