My area of expertise is Women's and Children's nutrition. I specialize in helping women use nutrition and lifestyle factors to enhance or preserve their fertility, reduce their symptoms of PCOS, and lose weight. I also work with children who have food allergies and children who are "picky eaters." I can help your child start to enjoy eating a variety of foods in a positive environment. My integrative approach is evidence-based, customized to your needs, & it works! 
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Testimonials from my clients:

"Diet is still going really well, weight is slowly coming off and as long as I stick to the program and get enough sleep my skin is good too. It's so nice to finally be secure in the knowledge and have confidence in what food I should be eating and what's good for me" - Lauren M.

"It's going well and I'm really happy (which is good! Definitely the happiest I've ever been 7 weeks postpartum! By far."- Sarah Q.

"It just took me 10 mins to eat 3 dates and 5 Brazil nuts. Before meeting you, I could eat a whole meal in 10 mins! Also, I have never eaten this many vegetables before! And I've been sitting down to eat all my food. Also I lost 3 pounds." -Melanie B.

"Thank you for helping me to do this, I am so relieved it is working. I think I am starting to feel like I could live with these changes and that is the most important bit." -Allie A.

"feel much better and i look much better (!)" -Anonymous

Testimonials from Pediatric Clients (the parents)

"I found Debra's class very valuable. As a first-time parent I was feeling a bit clueless and stressed out about what and how to feed my son. Thanks to Debra, my husband and I are far more relaxed, mealtimes have become fun, and we're feeling far more confident about how to promote healthy eating now and in the future." -Shoshana
"Both my daughters tried baked salmon tonight (they've never eaten fish like that) and one really liked it and even my picky eater tried it, but didn't eat it.Thank you." Mimi T.
"I still refer to items listed in Debra's handout and read it every months for refresh or ideas" - ZR

End of Year Reviews from University Classes

"Ms. Waldoks has a sense of humor that added life to the class; she was also engaging and actively listened to our responses. The sessions were interactive and we discussed real issues and current research on public health." -Anonymous student review
"She is excellent and has the ability to communicate in a meaningful manner" -Anonymous student review
"The class was fascinating, rewarding, and even though there was a lot of material, the lectures were so engaging that I think the whole class was constantly focused." -Anonymous student review
"The course was great & interactive...its never a doll moment class with Ms. Waldoks" - Anonymous student review

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