Get smart about nutrition and implement it right away.
Do not waste your hard-earned money on another diet book that will leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused.  These Checkbox Diets and Checklists give you actual guidance that you can start implementing today!! In these guides and checklists are simple yet proven methods to help people reach their goals.    
Checkbox Diet for Health                          $12.50        
A unique method to help you lose weight and feel great. You will very quickly learn what foods are healthy, how much you should eat, and what foods you should eat together to manage your weight. You can start implementing what you learn today using a unique Checkbox method. Each day, place a  in the appropriate column when you eat a food from that category.  The E-book includes detailed instructions on how to calculate how many checkboxes you should eat for each category. Pictures coming soon! 

Checkbox Diet for Hormone Balance     $12.50          
Perfect for women with PCOS and Infertility
Hormonal imbalances in women are characterized by elevated levels of insulin, estrogen, and testosterone, as well as low levels of progesterone. These imbalances may lead to insulin resistance, weight gain (especially around the belly area), inability to ovulate (infertility), excess hair growth on the face and/or body, irregular menstrual cycles or very heavy periods, or cysts on the ovaries. The first line of defense against hormonal imbalance is modifying lifestyle & nutrition factors. Going on birth control over covers up the problem, it doesn't solve it! 

This Checkbox Diet was created for women with PCOS and Infertility.  Includes an awesome daily/monthly checklist outlining exactly what to do to minimize symptoms. See results in 1-4 months.

Many of my patients respond much faster to treatment with an extra boost from targeted supplements, like the ones found in my Hormone Balance supplement. If your cycles are regular but you are experiencing unexplained infertility, check out my Female Fertility Booster and Male Fertility Booster Supplements. 
Laboratory Guide                                      $10.00        
For PCOS, Infertility, or other Hormonal or Thyroid Imbalance
This laboratory and tracking guide is for women with infertility, PCOS, or other unexplained hormonal or thyroid imbalance. It will explain which labs are crucial for gaining a complete picture of your health status. If you ever felt that your doctor was not fully understanding your symptoms or not testing you thoroughly enough, here is a guide that you can take to your doctors office to discuss further testing. This guide is complete with the lab tests, optimal levels, rationale for testing, and tracking guide.  

Checklist for Brain Health                        $10.00         
Did you know that certain nutrients have been proven to help your brain focus and pay attention? 
Your brain can even generate new neurotransmitters to help your brain cells communicate! 
This checklist contains a simple research-based method to ensure that you or your child gets these nutrients from food (or targeted short-term supplements) every day. Each day, place a  in the box when you (or your child) have eaten at least one of the foods from each category. If you are just starting out, aim for one  each day. Try to add a  each day until you  all the boxes every day. 

The Ultimate Snack Guide                       $6.00            
With this handy snack guide, you will never be at a loss for what to snack-on. Snacks are an important part of your nutrition plan; an opportunity to nourish your body with necessary nutrients, fiber, and phytochemicals while preventing binges, cravings, excess insulin production, and low blood sugar "crashes." These snacks help stabilize your blood sugar levels, hormone levels, and energy. Also great for managing Diabetes, PCOS, and Gestational Diabetes!


Nutrition Checklists Coming Soon:
Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Nutrition Checklist Coming soon!
Pediatric Pre-Vaccine Checklist Coming soon!
Picky eating checklist Coming soon!
Cholesterol Reduction Checklist Coming soon!
Anti-inflammatory Checklist Coming soon!

*About Checklists
checklist is a type of informational job aid used to reduce failure by compensating for potential limits of human memory and attention. The checklists provide reminders for daily nutrient needs.  
(See Dr. Atul Gwande's site for more information on checklists.)