Monday, February 16, 2009

Water Filters for Women and Children

A flashy headline in a New York Times article proclaimed: "Despite Worries Over Toxins, Breast-feeding Still Best for Infants" (December 19, 2008). This marked a positive change from the headline of an article in the NYT Magazine in 2005; "Toxic Breast Milk?" However, even with the title change, toxins in breast milk is still fodder for a big mommy scare.

Lately, there seems to be news reports stating that toxins are everywhere- not just breast milk. In fact, the reason they are in breast milk is in fact because they are everywhere! They will eventually find their way into urine, sweat, blood, placentas, breast milk, formula, and oh yeah- tap water that is used to make infant formula.

The article actually hints at this by stating that Dr. Ruth Lawrence notes a risk of contamination when using baby formula mixed with tap water. So, here is one way to bring the breastfeeding mommies and the bottle-feeding mommies together:
You both need to filter your water!!

Fetuses, infants, and children are exposed to toxins from carpets, lawn pesticides, foam insulation, foam products, plastic shower curtains, carpet runners, wood floor treatment, electronic waste, and maybe other places. Water contains many of the toxins from these products due to the manufacturing process and the waste disposal system. Breast milk is only a small contributor in a world full of potentially dangerous toxins. And in fact, studies proves that breastfeeding may offer some protection from these chemicals.

All pregnant women, nursing moms, and children should use filtered water to minimize toxins in placentas, breast milk, and formula.

The Environmetal Protection Agency (EPA) report on Children and Drinking Water Standards states that
"Long-term exposure to some contaminants (such as pesticides, minerals, and solvents) at levels above standards may cause gastrointestinal problems, skin irritations, cancer, reproductive and developmental problems, and other chronic health effects...Children may also be more susceptible to chemical contaminants that affect learning, motor skills, and sex hormones during important stages of growth."

The EPA does recognize that children are more susceptible to the list of contaminants listed here. However, most waters have low levels of these contaminants.

What You Can Do:
1. Become knowledgeable about your local water source. You can find you local water report here. For fellow NYC dwellers, find the NYC water report here.

2. Don't add to the contamination- recycle your electronics properly. Although it is not illegal, throwing away batteries, cellphones, and televisions add to the contaminated water system. If you live in NYC, click here to find out where to recycle your electronic goods. The Lower East Side Ecology Center has events throughout the year (May 2 in NYC). You can also donate them to any Goodwill store and they will dispose of them properly if they cannot re-use the item.

3. Filter your water to reduce consumption of lead and disinfectant byproducts, such as chlorine byproducts. Learn about filtration facts from this useful brochure to choose a filtration system that is right for you. Unless your water source if very high in nitrates (unlikely), a standard carbon filter will do a fine job. Carbon filters are certified by the NSF (NSF Standard No. 53, Health Effects). Check model numbers here. "Pur" has certified faucet and pitcher filters, but "Brita" only has certified faucet filters (older versions of the pitcher filter were certified). Feel free to continue using your Brita pitcher though, it does not contain BPA.

We have been using a Brita pitcher with the old certification. However, I just purchased a Pur faucet filter. I think the faucet filter, as opposed to the pitcher filter, will allow me to more easily use filtered water in cooking and baking. I will let you know how I like it.

Some products certified by NSF (make sure you buy the matching filter):

Shop Beyond Prenatals
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  1. I work at Edelman on behalf of Brita and want to assure you that Brita pitcher filters are certified to remove lead by the Water Quality Association Gold Seal Product Certification Program. Brita is no longer certified by the National Scientific Foundation because the group modified their standards for lead certification to incorporate more exact measures for insoluble lead. As you mentioned, Brita’s faucet-mount filters meet the new standards and they are working to update their pitcher products as well. It’s important to note that our pitcher products have not changed in any way—it is the standard they are measured by that has changed. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know!
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  3. Update 12/10: We have now purchased both the Pur faucet filter and the Pur pitcher filter. We have been using both for quite some time and we are very happy with both of them. The faucet filter needs to be replaced more often than the package insert states, thought that could be a good thing...filtering out our NYC water.

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  6. Lately, there seems to be news reports stating that toxins are everywhere- not just breast milk. In fact, the reason they are in breast milk is in fact because they are everywhere! They will eventually find their way into urine, sweat, blood, placentas, breast milk, formula, and oh yeah- tap water that is used to make infant formula.reverse osmosis system reviews

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