Sunday, March 1, 2009

Menu Plan Monday: Starting March Right!

Menu planning, like blogging, has not been happening around here lately. However, I realize that we need to get out of our food jag and get back into menu planning (and blogging)!

Check out this week's menu below (it's a good one) and come back later this week/month to read posts about allergic food challenges, health food stores, vitamins, formula salesmen, a granola bar recipe, and orthorexia. Yes, orthorexia. It is apparently an eating disorder affecting children who harbor excessive concerns about eating healthy. Intrigued? So am I...

Presenting this week's menu in honor of National Nutrition Month:

Broccoli and red lentil soup and leftover meat stew.
The soup is cooking now and smells yummy!
Baked potatoes topped with collard greens, 3 types of cheese, and black beans
Hamburgers on Ezekiel Sprouted Buns and spinach salad
Turkey meatballs with portobella mushroom-bulgur
Roast chicken with brown rice and snap pea salad
Chunk light tuna sandwiches on mini whole wheat pita bread and veggie slices

If this menu sounds too healthy and you are concerned that I may have orthorexia, don't worry; we will also be eating leftover crumb cake, chocolate cookies and chocolate covered pretzels this week :)

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About Menu Plan Monday
Menu Plan Monday is hosted by Organizing Junkie. I try to post a dinner menu every week, but it does not always happen. All foods that I post are appropriate for a healthy pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and childhood. Most of the foods I use are appropriate for people with egg/nuts/seeds allergies (my son is allergic to those foods and I don't like to cook 2 different meals).


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