Sunday, January 1, 2012

Gelato Ad Reduces Women's Worth

Passing by this Duane Reade subway ad near 96th and Lexington, I was overcome with anger. Not only because of it's attempt to get you to eat more more junk food, but because of the pitiful message that goes along with it.  Don't women see enough of the depressing "eat ice-cream to wallow in your sorrows" on television?  Can't a store (who is trying so hard to endear itself to New Yorkers) attempt to empower it's NY women instead of degrading them to a depressed mess?  

Women: If your guy dumps you, please do take some necessary time for inventory and reflection. Buy yourself some nice bath salts (not at Duane Reade) and take a nice long warm bath, have a good cry, write in a journal, and eat some good old wintry comfort food (veggie stew, lentil soup, brown rice veggie casserole, miso soup), preferable surrounded by loved ones.  Your body, your health, and YOU deserve more than sugary gelato. Nourish you.  And please, if you still feel the need for ice cream (don't we all sometimes?), at least go for the good stuff.  The fat/cream will help balance the sugar.

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  1. Love it. You are SO right! but I have to say that unfortunately, examples like those are so abundant and haven't changed in centuries. We're in 2012!!! The whole Dove chocolate add campaign, Godiva...All implying that women need to indulge on ice cream or chocolate to feel better (while at the end, they'll feel much worse and guilty later as that's also socially dictated)