Friday, January 20, 2012

Sectional Plates Part 2: Half Plate Vegetable Pictures

Welcome back to Sectional Plates Part 2, where we are discussing sectional plates for children.. (Click here for Part 1). Here you will see some of our real dinners using sectional plates for children.  Most people assume that the larger section is for the main dish.  Change your perspective and see how it encourages your kids to eat healthier and be healthier.  Fill half their plate with produce. They may not eat it or they may ask for more chicken or more rice or whatever, just go with their instincts and keep filling half their plates with produce. It doesn't have to be a gourmet veggie side dish.  In fact it does not have to be a plate at all- soups, kale chips, bean/veggie filled tacos, green smoothies...get in their greens (and fiber, phytochemicals, and antioxidants) any way you can.   Here are some ideas from our dinner table these past few months using sectional plates.  Give me more ideas in the comments section!
Part 3 next week will be a giveaway so stay tuned.

Peas & Corn, Beets, Amaranth Baked-Ziti

Green beans, Salsa rice & Black-eyed peas, Pineapple chicken

Dipping dinner: Broccoli, cauliflower, romaine, & potatoes 
with protein packed hemp/sunflower pesto dip.
Brussels sprouts, millet, chicken
Salad & other veggies, lima beans & peas, chicken
Greens/carrots/pickles, tuna salad, miso dipping sauce
Asparagus, beets, barley & bean salad
Broccoli/ Romaine/ Sweet Potato, Kasha (Buckwheat), Chicken
Leftover chicken and kasha with pomegranate seeds, salad, black beans

Here we are at my older son's birthday party at Grand Central Terminal filling half their MTA-themed plates
(my husband made these without any input from me! thanks!)

Some ideas for adults:
If you can't fill half your plate, fill half your day by adding veggies wherever you can.
Here is what I call my half-carb rice.  Its brown rice with tons of crunchy veggies, oil, salt, rice vinegar
Here it is again with greens, and a veggie/bean stew
Ditto for my half-carb pasta.
There are pasta shells in there, I promise. 

Happy & Healthy Eating!
Don't forget, you can't serve vegetables, if you don't shop for vegetables!
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